Rev. Miriam Nicholson - Community minded Lutheran church housing Messiah Day Care and Nursery School
  • Feb. 11th  6:30 pm
  • Apr. 8th 6:30 pm
  • July 9th 6:30 pm
  • Oct. 14th 6:30 pm

  • Feb. 24th 8:45 am 
  • Apr. 28th 8:45 am
  • July 28th 8:45 am
  • Oct. 27th 10:15 am

ADULT BIBLE STUDY: *See Doris Zeiders

THE NORTH STAR PROJECT: *Contact Logan Bitting

PLASTIC MATS for the Homeless UPDATE:  Please hold your plastic bags for the time being – you have been so generous, we cannot keep up!! We will let you know when we need your help again!!  So far 4 have been completed with 2 more in the making.

CHOIR PRACTICE:  *See Doris Zeiders

Devotional Materials
 Our Worship & Music Committee continues to provide age appropriate devotional materials for the special seasons in the Church Calendar.  Please pick up your copies in the narthex
 Special Offerings in 2019
March 10, June 9, Sept. 8, Dec. 1
These special offerings go to property renovation and improvements such as paving the parking lot, drilling a new well etc. 

Newsletter Info:  Do you have information or blessings to share with the congregation through the next newsletter?  Send it in an e-mail to or call the church office 717 582-8557 and leave a message.  Information should be received by the 28 of March, May, July, September and November.  Thank you!

Messiah Lutheran Church PRAYER CHAIN: If you would like to be added to the prayer chain, please see Michelle Bitting for a form or contact Jane Simonton (582-4876 or to complete your preferred contact information. If you have a prayer need, please contact Jane Simonton. She will contact the prayer chain members asking them to pray for your requested need. Your prayer request will remain confidential within the prayer chain members.

  • Feb. 10 -Jane Si
  • Feb. 17 - Patty
  • Feb. 24 - Denny
  • Mar. 3 - Amy
  • Mar. 6 (7:30) - Carolyn
  • Mar. 10 - Logan
  • Mar. 17 - Alexis
  • Mar. 24 - Jane St
  • Mar. 31 - Lyle
  • Apr. 7 - Michelle
  • Apr. 14 - Vic
  • Apr. 18 (7:30) Jane Si
  • Apr. 19 (7:30) - Patty
  • Apr. 21 (7am) - Lyle
  • Apr. 21 (10am) - Amy
  • Apr. 28 - Carolyn
  • May 5-Logan
  • May 12 - Alexis
  • May 19 - Jane St
  • May 26 - Denny
*If a date does not suit, please trade with someone & let the church secretary know of the change.  Thank you!

Feb 10                                Peg & Karen
Feb 17                                Teena & Pat
Feb 24                                Eva & Jane

Pulpit Supply for February:
 Feb 10 – Rev. Robert Lescallette
Feb 17 – Rev. William Chamberlain
Feb 24 – Rev. Gloria McPherson

2019 Church Council
President: Dennis Meisel
VP:  Michelle Bitting
Secretary:  Deb Rock
Treasurer:  Brooks Reeder (non voting Member)
Christian Ed:  Jane Simonton
Evangelism:  Patty Turner
Lay Ministry:  Vic Lis
Property:  Lyle Bitting
Social Ministry:  Amy Lesher
Stewardship:  Jane Stambaugh
Worship/Music: Carolyn Reeder 
Youth: Logan Bitting and Alexis Eppley

Feb. 14th TOPS will be having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Thursday, Feb. 14 from 3-7 pm. Adults cost $8 and kids are $5. Take-out is available. Buy a meal for your Valentine!
Feb. 17th: The youth group will be serving a meal to the shut-in members of our congregation on Sunday, February 17. Please see Logan Bitting or Lexy Eppley if you can help.
Feb 17th:  If you signed a heart for the valentine exchange, you will be meeting on Sunday, Feb. 17 after worship for fellowship and munchies.
Feb 24th   Congregational  Meeting at 8:45am
Mar. 6th Ash Wednesday Service @ 7:30pm

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