Rev. Miriam Nicholson - Community minded Lutheran church housing Messiah Day Care and Nursery School
Day Care & Nursery School Rates:

Preschool: Tues. & Thurs.   $110 month
Pre K: Mon., Wed., Fri.       $145/month
Pre K: Tues.& Thurs.           $120/month

Full Week:             (1 child) $180.00/week  (2nd child)  $155.00/week 
Contracted 4 days: (1 child)$160.00/week  (2nd child)  $145.00/week 
Contracted 3 days: (1 child)$140.00/week  (2nd child)  $140.00/week
Infant Care (up to 13 months of age):            
                              5 day week  $185.00/week             
                              4 day week  $165.00/week                                    
                              3 day week  $145.00/week                                        
 Latch Key Summer Program: 
                              5 day week   $155.00/week                                                                                                    4 day week   $145.00/week
                              3 day week   $135.00/week
Latch Key School Year Program: 
                               5 days, $110.00/week  AM/PM                                                                                               4 days, $ 90.00/week   AM/PM
                               3 days, $70.00/week    AM/PM  
Latch key Daily Rate: $10.00/day AM care   $14.00/day PM care

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